Class TextLabel

  • public class TextLabel
    extends TextDispStr
    A text label is a displayable stream (see class TextDispStr) that has unlimited height and width, with minimums going right down to zero. The application does not set these dimensions directly; they are always derived from the text content.
    • Constructor Detail

      • TextLabel

        public TextLabel()
        Default constructor.

        The text stream contains no content and has no pool/mapping assocotiation.

      • TextLabel

        public TextLabel​(TextLabel oSource)
        Copy constructor.

        Copies all contents of the text label.

      • TextLabel

        public TextLabel​(java.lang.String sSource)
        Constructor with source text string.

        Create a text stream whose initial content is copied from the given string. The text stream initially has no attribute pool association. The display is not automatically created.

        sSource - - String whose contents are to be copied to the text stream.
    • Method Detail

      • copyFrom

        public void copyFrom​(TextLabel oSource)
        Assign this text label's content from the given text label.

        Replace this stream's content with a copy of the content of the given stream. The graphic source information is not copied. In other words, fonts will be re-mapped in this stream's font service and attributes will be re-pooled in any attribute pool associated with this stream. The display pointer is not copied, as each stream has its own display; nor is a display automatically created.

        oSource - - Stream containing source content to copy.
      • notEqual

        public boolean notEqual​(TextLabel oCompare)
        Compare text streams for inequality.

        Compare this stream against the one passed on the parameter oCompare for inequality. The graphics sources of the streams are not compared. This is the exact opposite of the equality comparison. The display does not participate in the comparison.

        oCompare - - Stream to compare against
        TRUE if the streams are unequal; FALSE otherwise.