Interface MessageTemplate<Type>

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    public interface MessageTemplate<Type>
    MessageTemplate it the template a Message of a Mailing is build of. It must be able to build a Message for each recipient. The Message has to be in the format that is able to be send by a MessageGateway.
    As MessageTemplates are likely to access resources, that have a state. Eg. a Session to the Repository, Binary Values or Database access. Therefore the template must be disposed if there is no further use for it.
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      • getType

        java.lang.Class<Type> getType()
        indicate the Type the message will be build
      • buildMessage

        Type buildMessage​(Authorizable recipient,
                          UserProperties userProperties)
                   throws MailingException,
        Builds a personalized message for the recipient given as argument.
        In case the Template has been disposed an IllegalStateException is thrown.
        recipient - to build a message for
        userProperties - used to build the message for the recipient.
        the message for the given recipient or null if the MailingRecipient does not provide sufficient data to build a Message (eg. no e-mail address to build a e-mail Message)
        MailingException - in case of an error building the message that is independent of the MailingRecipient eg. access to template storage is in exceptional state.
        java.lang.IllegalStateException - in case method dispose has been called before.
        RepositoryException - If an error occurs.
      • dispose

        void dispose()
              throws MailingException
        Called if the Template will not be used any longer. A subsequent call to buildMessage will fail. Implementations can dispose any used Resources eg. Binary Values, Database access.
        MailingException - in case of exception disposing one of the resources
      • put

        void put​(java.lang.String var,
                 java.lang.String replace)
        Adds or overwrites a mapping of this replacer.
        var - name of the variable to map
        replace - the value of the variable