Interface CellValue

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    public interface CellValue
    extends java.lang.Comparable<CellValue>
    Interface that defines a cell value.
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      • toJSON

        void toJSON​(JSONWriter writer,
                    java.util.Locale locale)
             throws JSONException

        Adds the value to the specified JSONWriter.

        The caller must ensure that the cell value can be directly written using the corresponding JSONWriter.value(boolean) method. If the value is actually represented as a JS object, JSONWriter.object() resp. JSONWriter.array() must be able to be called.

        The specified Locale might be used for use formatting the value in a locale-specific way, for example for formatting dates and times.

        writer - The JSON writer
        locale - The request's Locale
        JSONException - if writing the JSON representation failed
      • getString

        java.lang.String getString()
        Returns a "guaranteed" string representation of the value. This is used for creating lists, etc.
        The "guaranteed" string representation of the value