Interface Column

  • public interface Column
    This interface represents a column, representing the data of a report.
    • Method Detail

      • getPath

        java.lang.String getPath()
        Gets the path of this instance of the column.
        The path of this column (for example "/etc/reports/areport/jcr:content/report/col1")
      • getName

        java.lang.String getName()
        Gets the name of this instance of the column.
        The name of this column (usually last part of the column's path)
      • getTitle

        java.lang.String getTitle()
        Gets the title of this instance of the column.
        The title of the column
      • getColumnType

        java.lang.String getColumnType()
        Returns the column's data type.
        The column's data type
      • getActualType

        java.lang.String getActualType()

        Returns the column's actual type for the current report setting.

        Contrary to getColumnType(), this method considers aggregation state.

        The returned value must be supported by the clientside reporting implementation. See DisplayDataType for a list of officially supported display types. Note that there might be more supported types (which is why a String is returned rather than a DisplayDataType).

        The actual type
      • getColumnDef

        QueryEngineConfig getColumnDef()
        Get the query engine-specific column definitions.
        The query engine-specific definition
      • isGrouped

        boolean isGrouped()
        Checks if the column is currently grouped.
        true if the column is grouped
      • getAggregateType

        java.lang.String getAggregateType()
        Returns the aggregate type defined for the column.
        The aggregate type defined for the column
      • getSorting

        Sorting getSorting()
        Returns the sorting defined for the column.
        The sorting defined for the column
      • startProcessing

        void startProcessing()
        Starts the postprocessing of data.
      • endProcessing

        void endProcessing()
        Ends the postprocessing of data.
      • preprocessData

        CellValue preprocessData​(ProcessingPhase type,
                                 DataRow row,
                                 boolean isAggregated,
                                 boolean isReportGrouped)

        Preprocesses the specified data row.

        If required by the type parameter (for example for ProcessingPhase.APPLY), the preprocessed data gets changed in the DataRow specified.

        type - Type of preprocessing to be executed
        row - The row to be preprocessed
        isAggregated - true if the preprocessing is executed for the aggregated column value (if the column actually represents an aggregated value)
        isReportGrouped - true if the report as a whole is grouped
        The preprocessed data
      • resolve

        void resolve​(Session session,
                     DataRow rowToResolve)
              throws RepositoryException

        Resolves the column's value in the specified row if applicable.

        The resolved value must be set in the row.

        session - JCR Session used for resolving
        rowToResolve - The row
        RepositoryException - if resolving the value has failed due to a repository problem
      • matchesFilter

        boolean matchesFilter​(FilteringPhase phase,
                              DataRow rowToCheck)
        Checks if the specified DataRow matches the current filter settings
        phase - The current filtering phase
        rowToCheck - The row to be checked against the filter
        true if the row matches the filter and should be kept in the result set
      • cleanup

        void cleanup()
        Cleans up the column after using it.