Interface Report

  • public interface Report
    This interface represents a report (for serverside calculation) as a whole.
    • Method Detail

      • calculate

        Data calculate()
                throws RepositoryException
        Creates the report and returns the data as a result.
        The report's data
        RepositoryException - if calculating data fails due to a repository error
      • getColumnIterator

        java.util.Iterator<Column> getColumnIterator()
        Creates an iterator for iterating over the report's columns.
        Column iterator
      • getColumnCnt

        int getColumnCnt()
        Returns the number of columns.
        Number of columns
      • hasGroupedColumns

        boolean hasGroupedColumns()
        Returns if any group is grouped.
        true if any column is grouped
      • getSnapshotDataCols

        java.util.Iterator<Column> getSnapshotDataCols()
        Creates an iterator for iterating over the columns to be used for snapshot data.
        Snapshot column iterator
      • getDataRoot

        java.lang.String getDataRoot()
        Gets the root path of this report (for querying the data).
        Root path of this report; null if no root path is specified for the report
      • cleanup

        void cleanup()
        Cleans up the report after using it.