Interface ValueResolver

  • public interface ValueResolver
    This interface must be implemented by classes that are used for resolving cell values.
    • Method Detail

      • configure

        void configure​(Node configNode)
                throws RepositoryException
        Configures the value resolver from the specified data node.
        configNode - The node the value resolver is configured from; may be null if no explicit configuration is available (resolver should initialize itself with default values in that case)
        RepositoryException - if configuring the resolver has failed
      • resolve

        CellValue resolve​(Session session,
                          CellValue value,
                          Context context)
                   throws RepositoryException
        Resolves the specified value.
        session - The session to be used for resolving the value (managed by caller)
        value - The value to resolve
        context - The context the report is configured to be used from
        The resolved value
        RepositoryException - if the value could not be resolved due to a repository problem