Class PredicateConverter

  • public abstract class PredicateConverter
    extends Object
    PredicateConverter provides mappings from the predicate/predicate group data structure to others, such as a simple key/value string map (eg. a request parameter map).
    • Field Detail


        public static final String GROUP_PARAMETER_PREFIX
        Prefix to separate predicate group parameters from child predicates (to be exact: from parameters of child predicates). This also means that there cannot be a predicate type named like this (ie. "p"). Examples to show the difference:
        • p.limit = true (group parameter)
        • type = nt:file (child predicate)
        • path.exact = true (child predicate parameter)
        • group.type = nt:file (child predicate group w/ predicate)
        • group.p.or = true (group parameter of child group)
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final String IGNORE_PARAMETER_PREFIX
        All parameters starting with "_" will be ignored. Typical examples are "_charset_" or "_dc".
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        Constant Field Values
    • Constructor Detail

      • PredicateConverter

        public PredicateConverter()
    • Method Detail

      • createPredicates

        public static PredicateGroup createPredicates​(Map predicateParameterMap)
        Converts a map with predicates and their parameters into a predicate tree. Accepts a map with strings as keys and either simple strings as values or string arrays as values. In the array case, the first value will be chosen.

        Note that all parameters starting with a "_" (see IGNORE_PARAMETER_PREFIX) will be ignored. Typical examples are "_charset_" or "_dc".

      • toURL

        public static String toURL​(PredicateGroup group)
        Returns an URL query part containing the given group. This is the same mapping as used in createMap(PredicateGroup) and createPredicates(Map). For example, the returned value could be: type=cq:Page&path=/content. Note that this won't be a complete URL, just a list of parameters for an URL query part. The keys and values will be properly escaped for use in an URL.
      • createPredicatesFromGQL

        public static PredicateGroup createPredicatesFromGQL​(String statement)
                                                      throws RepositoryException
        Parse and converts GQL statement to QueryBuilder PredicateGroup.
        statement - the statement to be processed for extracting conditions.
        PredicateGroup containing all conditions formed from statement