Class ValueRangeBucket

    • Constructor Detail

      • ValueRangeBucket

        public ValueRangeBucket​(String name,
                                Comparable from,
                                boolean fromIncluded,
                                Comparable to,
                                boolean toIncluded,
                                Predicate predicate)
        Creates an interval matching bucket.
        name - name of this bucket (for display)
        from - lower end of interval
        fromIncluded - if true, will include the from value in the interval, ie. use >=
        to - upper end of interval
        toIncluded - if true, will include the to value in the interval, ie. use <=
        predicate - the predicate representing this bucket
    • Method Detail

      • getFrom

        public Comparable getFrom()
        the lower bound or null if none is set.
      • getTo

        public Comparable getTo()
        the upper bound or null if none is set.
      • acceptValue

        public void acceptValue​(Value value)
                         throws RepositoryException
        Accepts the value and increments the counter of this bucket if the value matches this buckets definition.
        Specified by:
        acceptValue in class PredefinedBucket
        value - the value to accept.
        RepositoryException - if an error occurs while reading from the repository.