Interface WorkItem

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    public interface WorkItem
    extends HasMetaData
    A WorkItem is the unit that is passed through an Workflow instance of a WorkflowModel. It contains the WorkflowData the instances acts on and a reference to the WorkflowNode that describes the underlying workflow step. A WorkItem can be considered as a token in a petri net that flows through the net during execution.
    • Method Detail

      • getTimeStarted

        java.util.Date getTimeStarted()
        Returns the start time of the WorkflowItem.
        The start time of the WorkflowItem.
      • getTimeEnded

        java.util.Date getTimeEnded()
        Returns the end time of the WorkflowItem.
        The end time of the WorkflowItem.
      • getWorkflow

        Workflow getWorkflow()
        Returns the Workflow instance assigned with this WorkflowItem.
        Workflow of the workflow instance assigned with the WorkflowItem.
      • getId

        java.lang.String getId()
        Returns the ID of the WorkflowItem.
        ID of the WorkflowItem.
      • getCurrentAssignee

        java.lang.String getCurrentAssignee()
        Returns the current assignee, respectively the info in which inbox the workitem "resides".
        current assignee