Interface ValueInstantiators

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    SimpleValueInstantiators, ValueInstantiators.Base

    public interface ValueInstantiators
    Interface for providers of ValueInstantiator instances. Implemented when an object wants to provide custom value instantiators, usually to support custom value types with alternate constructors, or which need specified post-processing after construction but before binding data.
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      • findValueInstantiator

        ValueInstantiator findValueInstantiator​(DeserializationConfig config,
                                                BeanDescription beanDesc,
                                                ValueInstantiator defaultInstantiator)
        Method called to find the ValueInstantiator to use for creating instances of specified type during deserialization. Note that a default value instantiator is always created first and passed; if an implementation does not want to modify or replace it, it has to return passed instance as is (returning null is an error)
        config - Deserialization configuration in use
        beanDesc - Additional information about POJO type to be instantiated
        defaultInstantiator - Instantiator that will be used if no changes are made; passed to allow custom instances to use annotation-provided information (note, however, that earlier ValueInstantiators may have changed it to a custom instantiator already)
        Instantiator to use; either defaultInstantiator that was passed, or a custom variant; cannot be null.