Class SimpleValueInstantiators

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      • SimpleValueInstantiators

        public SimpleValueInstantiators()
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      • findValueInstantiator

        public ValueInstantiator findValueInstantiator​(DeserializationConfig config,
                                                       BeanDescription beanDesc,
                                                       ValueInstantiator defaultInstantiator)
        Description copied from interface: ValueInstantiators
        Method called to find the ValueInstantiator to use for creating instances of specified type during deserialization. Note that a default value instantiator is always created first and passed; if an implementation does not want to modify or replace it, it has to return passed instance as is (returning null is an error)
        Specified by:
        findValueInstantiator in interface ValueInstantiators
        findValueInstantiator in class ValueInstantiators.Base
        config - Deserialization configuration in use
        beanDesc - Additional information about POJO type to be instantiated
        defaultInstantiator - Instantiator that will be used if no changes are made; passed to allow custom instances to use annotation-provided information (note, however, that earlier ValueInstantiators may have changed it to a custom instantiator already)
        Instantiator to use; either defaultInstantiator that was passed, or a custom variant; cannot be null.