Class PrimitiveArrayDeserializers<T>

    • Method Detail

      • forType

        public static JsonDeserializer<?> forType​(java.lang.Class<?> rawType)
      • createContextual

        public JsonDeserializer<?> createContextual​(DeserializationContext ctxt,
                                                    BeanProperty property)
                                             throws JsonMappingException
        Description copied from interface: ContextualDeserializer
        Method called to see if a different (or differently configured) deserializer is needed to deserialize values of specified property. Note that instance that this method is called on is typically shared one and as a result method should NOT modify this instance but rather construct and return a new instance. This instance should only be returned as-is, in case it is already suitable for use.
        Specified by:
        createContextual in interface ContextualDeserializer
        ctxt - Deserialization context to access configuration, additional deserializers that may be needed by this deserializer
        property - Method, field or constructor parameter that represents the property (and is used to assign deserialized value). Should be available; but there may be cases where caller cannot provide it and null is passed instead (in which case impls usually pass 'this' deserializer as is)
        Deserializer to use for deserializing values of specified property; may be this instance or a new instance.
      • logicalType

        public LogicalType logicalType()
        Description copied from class: JsonDeserializer
        Method for accessing logical type of values this deserializer produces. Typically used for further configuring handling of values, for example, to find which coercions are legal.
        logicalType in class JsonDeserializer<T>
        Logical type of values this deserializer produces, if known; null if not
      • supportsUpdate

        public java.lang.Boolean supportsUpdate​(DeserializationConfig config)
        Description copied from class: JsonDeserializer
        Introspection method that may be called to see whether deserializer supports update of an existing value (aka "merging") or not. Return value should either be Boolean.FALSE if update is not supported at all (immutable values); Boolean.TRUE if update should usually work (regular POJOs, for example), or null if this is either not known, or may sometimes work.

        Information gathered is typically used to either prevent merging update for property (either by skipping, if based on global defaults; or by exception during deserialization construction if explicit attempt made) if Boolean.FALSE returned, or inclusion if Boolean.TRUE is specified. If "unknown" case (null returned) behavior is to exclude property if global defaults used; or to allow if explicit per-type or property merging is defined.

        Default implementation returns null to allow explicit per-type or per-property attempts.

        supportsUpdate in class JsonDeserializer<T>
      • deserializeWithType

        public java.lang.Object deserializeWithType​(JsonParser p,
                                                    DeserializationContext ctxt,
                                                    TypeDeserializer typeDeserializer)
        Description copied from class: StdDeserializer
        Base implementation that does not assume specific type inclusion mechanism. Sub-classes are expected to override this method if they are to handle type information.
        deserializeWithType in class StdDeserializer<T>
        typeDeserializer - Deserializer to use for handling type information
      • deserialize

        public T deserialize​(JsonParser p,
                             DeserializationContext ctxt,
                             T existing)
        Description copied from class: JsonDeserializer
        Alternate deserialization method (compared to the most commonly used, JsonDeserializer.deserialize(JsonParser, DeserializationContext)), which takes in initialized value instance, to be configured and/or populated by deserializer. Method is not necessarily used (or supported) by all types (it will not work for immutable types, for obvious reasons): most commonly it is used for Collections and Maps. It may be used both with "updating readers" (for POJOs) and when Collections and Maps use "getter as setter".

        Default implementation just throws UnsupportedOperationException, to indicate that types that do not explicitly add support do not necessarily support update-existing-value operation (esp. immutable types)

        deserialize in class JsonDeserializer<T>