Class StdDeserializer<T>

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      • handledType

        public Class<?> handledType()
        Description copied from class: JsonDeserializer
        Method for accessing concrete physical type of values this deserializer produces. Note that this information is not guaranteed to be exact -- it may be a more generic (super-type) -- but it should not be incorrect (return a non-related type).

        Default implementation will return null, which means almost same same as returning Object.class would; that is, that nothing is known about handled type.

        handledType in class JsonDeserializer<T>
        Physical type of values this deserializer produces, if known; null if not
      • getValueType

        public JavaType getValueType()
        Exact structured type this deserializer handles, if known.
      • getValueType

        public JavaType getValueType​(DeserializationContext ctxt)
        Convenience method for getting handled type as JavaType, regardless of whether deserializer has one already resolved (and accessible via getValueType()) or not: equivalent to:
           if (getValueType() != null) {
                return getValueType();
           return ctxt.constructType(handledType());