Class MismatchedInputException

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    Direct Known Subclasses:
    InvalidFormatException, InvalidNullException, InvalidTypeIdException, PropertyBindingException

    public class MismatchedInputException
    extends JsonMappingException
    General exception type used as the base class for all JsonMappingExceptions that are due to input not mapping to target definition; these are typically considered "client errors" since target type definition itself is not the root cause but mismatching input. This is in contrast to InvalidDefinitionException which signals a problem with target type definition and not input.

    This type is used as-is for some input problems, but in most cases there should be more explicit subtypes to use.

    NOTE: name chosen to differ from `java.util.InputMismatchException` since while that would have been better name, use of same overlapping name causes nasty issues with IDE auto-completion, so slightly less optimal chosen.

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