Class CacheConfig.Builder

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    public static class CacheConfig.Builder
    extends java.lang.Object
    • Method Detail

      • setMaxObjectSize

        public CacheConfig.Builder setMaxObjectSize​(long maxObjectSize)
        Specifies the maximum response body size that will be eligible for caching.
        maxObjectSize - size in bytes
      • setMaxCacheEntries

        public CacheConfig.Builder setMaxCacheEntries​(int maxCacheEntries)
        Sets the maximum number of cache entries the cache will retain.
      • setMaxUpdateRetries

        public CacheConfig.Builder setMaxUpdateRetries​(int maxUpdateRetries)
        Sets the number of times to retry a cache update on failure
      • setAllow303Caching

        public CacheConfig.Builder setAllow303Caching​(boolean allow303Caching)
        Enables or disables 303 caching.
        allow303Caching - should be true to permit 303 caching, false to disable it.
      • setWeakETagOnPutDeleteAllowed

        public CacheConfig.Builder setWeakETagOnPutDeleteAllowed​(boolean weakETagOnPutDeleteAllowed)
        Allows or disallows weak etags to be used with PUT/DELETE If-Match requests.
        weakETagOnPutDeleteAllowed - should be true to permit weak etags, false to reject them.
      • setHeuristicCachingEnabled

        public CacheConfig.Builder setHeuristicCachingEnabled​(boolean heuristicCachingEnabled)
        Enables or disables heuristic caching.
        heuristicCachingEnabled - should be true to permit heuristic caching, false to enable it.
      • setHeuristicCoefficient

        public CacheConfig.Builder setHeuristicCoefficient​(float heuristicCoefficient)
        Sets coefficient to be used in heuristic freshness caching. This is interpreted as the fraction of the time between the Last-Modified and Date headers of a cached response during which the cached response will be considered heuristically fresh.
        heuristicCoefficient - should be between 0.0 and 1.0.
      • setHeuristicDefaultLifetime

        public CacheConfig.Builder setHeuristicDefaultLifetime​(long heuristicDefaultLifetime)
        Sets default lifetime in seconds to be used if heuristic freshness calculation is not possible. Explicit cache control directives on either the request or origin response will override this, as will the heuristic Last-Modified freshness calculation if it is available.
        heuristicDefaultLifetime - is the number of seconds to consider a cache-eligible response fresh in the absence of other information. Set this to 0 to disable this style of heuristic caching.
      • setSharedCache

        public CacheConfig.Builder setSharedCache​(boolean isSharedCache)
        Sets whether the cache should behave as a shared cache or not.
        isSharedCache - true to behave as a shared cache, false to behave as a non-shared (private) cache. To have the cache behave like a browser cache, you want to set this to false.
      • setAsynchronousWorkersMax

        public CacheConfig.Builder setAsynchronousWorkersMax​(int asynchronousWorkersMax)
        Sets the maximum number of threads to allow for background revalidations due to the stale-while-revalidate directive.
        asynchronousWorkersMax - number of threads; a value of 0 disables background revalidations.
      • setAsynchronousWorkersCore

        public CacheConfig.Builder setAsynchronousWorkersCore​(int asynchronousWorkersCore)
        Sets the minimum number of threads to keep alive for background revalidations due to the stale-while-revalidate directive.
        asynchronousWorkersCore - should be greater than zero and less than or equal to getAsynchronousWorkersMax()
      • setAsynchronousWorkerIdleLifetimeSecs

        public CacheConfig.Builder setAsynchronousWorkerIdleLifetimeSecs​(int asynchronousWorkerIdleLifetimeSecs)
        Sets the current maximum idle lifetime in seconds for a background revalidation worker thread. If a worker thread is idle for this long, and there are more than the core number of worker threads alive, the worker will be reclaimed.
        asynchronousWorkerIdleLifetimeSecs - idle lifetime in seconds
      • setRevalidationQueueSize

        public CacheConfig.Builder setRevalidationQueueSize​(int revalidationQueueSize)
        Sets the current maximum queue size for background revalidations.
      • setNeverCacheHTTP10ResponsesWithQueryString

        public CacheConfig.Builder setNeverCacheHTTP10ResponsesWithQueryString​(boolean neverCacheHTTP10ResponsesWithQuery)
        Sets whether the cache should never cache HTTP 1.0 responses with a query string or not.
        neverCacheHTTP10ResponsesWithQuery - true to never cache responses with a query string, false to cache if explicit cache headers are found. Set this to true to better emulate IE, which also never caches responses, regardless of what caching headers may be present.