Interface ProtectedItemImporter

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        static final java.lang.String PARAM_IMPORT_BEHAVIOR
        Parameter name for the import behavior configuration option.
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      • init

        boolean init​(@NotNull
                     @NotNull Session session,
                     @NotNull Root root,
                     @NotNull NamePathMapper namePathMapper,
                     boolean isWorkspaceImport,
                     int uuidBehavior,
                     @NotNull ReferenceChangeTracker referenceTracker,
                     @NotNull SecurityProvider securityProvider)
        Initializes the importer.
        session - The session that is running the import.
        root - The root associated with the import.
        namePathMapper - The name/path mapper used to translate names between their jcr and oak form.
        isWorkspaceImport - A flag indicating whether the import has been started from the Workspace or from the Session. Implementations are free to implement both types of imports or only a single one. For example it doesn't make sense to allow for importing versions along with a Session import as version operations are required to never leave transient changes behind.
        uuidBehavior - The uuid behavior specified with the import call.
        referenceTracker - The uuid/reference helper.
        securityProvider - The security provider.
        true if this importer was successfully initialized and is able to handle an import with the given setup; false otherwise.
      • processReferences

        void processReferences()
                        throws RepositoryException
        Post processing protected reference properties underneath a protected or non-protected parent node. If the parent is protected it has been handled by this importer already.
        RepositoryException - If an error occurs.