Interface ProtectedPropertyImporter

    • Method Detail

      • handlePropInfo

        boolean handlePropInfo​(@NotNull
                               @NotNull Tree parent,
                               @NotNull PropInfo protectedPropInfo,
                               @NotNull PropertyDefinition def)
                        throws RepositoryException
        Handles a single protected property.
        parent - The affected parent node.
        protectedPropInfo - The PropInfo to be imported.
        def - The property definition determined by the importer that calls this method.
        true If the property could be successfully imported; false otherwise.
        RepositoryException - If an error occurs.
      • propertiesCompleted

        void propertiesCompleted​(@NotNull
                                 @NotNull Tree protectedParent)
                          throws java.lang.IllegalStateException,
        Informs this importer that all properties to be imported below protectedParent have been processed by the importer. If this importer did not import any protected properties this method doesn't do anything. Otherwise it may perform some validation and cleanup required based on the set of protected properties handled by this importer.
        protectedParent - The protected parent tree.
        java.lang.IllegalStateException - If this method is called in an illegal state.
        ConstraintViolationException - If the set of properties was incomplete and the importer was not able to fix the problem.
        RepositoryException - If another error occurs.