Interface QValue

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    AbstractQValue, DefaultQValue

    public interface QValue
    QValue is the SPI representation of a jcr value. It therefore refers to Names and Paths only and is thus isolated from session-specific namespace mappings.
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      static QValue[] EMPTY_ARRAY  
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      void discard()
      Frees temporarily allocated resources such as temporary file, buffer, etc.
      Binary getBinary()
      Returns a Binary representation of this QValue object.
      boolean getBoolean()
      Returns a boolean representation of this value.
      java.util.Calendar getCalendar()
      Returns a Calendar representation of this value.
      java.math.BigDecimal getDecimal()
      Returns a BigDecimal representation of this value.
      double getDouble()
      Returns a double representation of this value.
      long getLength()
      Returns the length of the internal value or -1 if the implementation cannot determine the length at this time.
      NOTE: for PropertyType.NAME and PropertyType.PATH the length of the internal value must not be used for indicating the length of a property such as retrieved by calling Property.getLength() and Property.getLengths().
      long getLong()
      Returns a long representation of this value.
      Name getName()
      Returns a Name representation of this value.
      Path getPath()
      Returns a Path representation of this value. getStream()
      Returns an InputStream representation of this QValue object.
      java.lang.String getString()
      Returns a String representation of this QValue object.
      int getType()
      Returns the PropertyType of this QValue object. getURI()
      Returns an URI representation of this value.