Class ConsolidatingChangeLog

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    Batch, ChangeLog

    public class ConsolidatingChangeLog
    extends AbstractChangeLog<org.apache.jackrabbit.spi.commons.batch.ConsolidatingChangeLog.CancelableOperation>
    A ChangeLog implementation which does basic consolidation on its Operations. That is, cancelling operations are removed if possible. In general this is not possible across move operations. The individual CancelableOperation implementations document their behavior concerning cancellation.
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      Create a new instance of a consolidating change log.
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      void addNode​(NodeId parentId, Name nodeName, Name nodetypeName, java.lang.String uuid)
      Add a new node to the persistent layer.
      void addOperation​(org.apache.jackrabbit.spi.commons.batch.ConsolidatingChangeLog.CancelableOperation op)
      Determines the cancellation behavior from the list of operations and the current operation op: When the current operation is cancelled by the last operation, the list of operations is not modified. When the current operation and the last operation cancel each other, the last operation is removed from the list of operations. When the last operation is cancelled by this operation, the last operation is removed from the list of operations and determination of cancellation starts from scratch. Otherwise add the current operation to the list of operations.
      void addProperty​(NodeId parentId, Name propertyName, QValue value)
      Add a new property to the persistent layer.
      void addProperty​(NodeId parentId, Name propertyName, QValue[] values)
      Add a new multi-valued property to the persistent layer.
      void move​(NodeId srcNodeId, NodeId destParentNodeId, Name destName)
      Move the node identified by the given srcNodeId to the new parent identified by destParentNodeId and change its name to destName.
      void remove​(ItemId itemId)
      Remove an existing item.
      void reorderNodes​(NodeId parentId, NodeId srcNodeId, NodeId beforeNodeId)
      Modify the order of the child nodes identified by the given NodeIds.
      void setMixins​(NodeId nodeId, Name[] mixinNodeTypeNames)
      Modify the set of mixin node types present on the node identified by the given id.
      void setPrimaryType​(NodeId nodeId, Name primaryNodeTypeName)
      Change the primary type of the node identified by the given nodeId.
      void setTree​(NodeId parentId, Tree contentTree)
      Add a new content tree to the persistent layer.
      void setValue​(PropertyId propertyId, QValue value)
      Modify the value of an existing property.
      void setValue​(PropertyId propertyId, QValue[] values)
      Modify the value of an existing, multi-valued property.
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