Class HSLFPictureShape

    • Method Detail

      • getPictureIndex

        public int getPictureIndex()
        Returns index associated with this picture. Index starts with 1 and points to a EscherBSE record which holds information about this picture.
        the index to this picture (1 based).
      • getPictureName

        public java.lang.String getPictureName()
        Name of this picture.
        name of this picture
      • setPictureName

        public void setPictureName​(java.lang.String name)
        Name of this picture.
        name - of this picture
      • getClipping

        public java.awt.Insets getClipping()
        Description copied from interface: PictureShape
        Returns the clipping values as percent ratio relatively to the image size. The clipping are returned as insets converted/scaled to 100000 (=100%).
        Specified by:
        getClipping in interface PictureShape<HSLFShape,​HSLFTextParagraph>
        the clipping rectangle, which is given in percent in relation to the image width/height