Interface ShapeContainer<S extends Shape<S,​P>,​P extends TextParagraph<S,​P,​? extends TextRun>>

    • Method Detail

      • getShapes

        java.util.List<S> getShapes()
        Returns an list containing all of the elements in this container in proper sequence (from first to last element).
        an list containing all of the elements in this container in proper sequence
      • addShape

        void addShape​(S shape)
      • removeShape

        boolean removeShape​(S shape)
        Removes the specified shape from this sheet, if it is present (optional operation). If this sheet does not contain the element, it is unchanged.
        shape - the shape to be removed from this sheet, if present
        true if this sheet contained the specified element
        java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - if the type of the specified shape is incompatible with this sheet (optional)
      • createAutoShape

        AutoShape<S,​P> createAutoShape()
        create a new shape with a predefined geometry and add it to this shape container
      • createFreeform

        FreeformShape<S,​P> createFreeform()
        create a new shape with a custom geometry
      • createTextBox

        TextBox<S,​P> createTextBox()
        create a text box
      • createGroup

        GroupShape<S,​P> createGroup()
        create a group of shapes belonging to this container
      • createPicture

        PictureShape<S,​P> createPicture​(PictureData pictureData)
        create a picture belonging to this container
      • createTable

        TableShape<S,​P> createTable​(int numRows,
                                          int numCols)
        Create a new Table of the given number of rows and columns
        numRows - the number of rows
        numCols - the number of columns
      • createOleShape

        ObjectShape<?,​?> createOleShape​(PictureData pictureData)
        Create a new OLE object shape with the given pictureData as preview image
        pictureData - the preview image