Class CFHeaderBase

    • Method Detail

      • getNumberOfConditionalFormats

        public int getNumberOfConditionalFormats()
      • setNumberOfConditionalFormats

        public void setNumberOfConditionalFormats​(int n)
      • getNeedRecalculation

        public boolean getNeedRecalculation()
      • setNeedRecalculation

        public void setNeedRecalculation​(boolean b)
      • getID

        public int getID()
      • setID

        public void setID​(int id)
      • setEnclosingCellRange

        public void setEnclosingCellRange​(CellRangeAddress cr)
      • setCellRanges

        public void setCellRanges​(CellRangeAddress[] cellRanges)
        Set cell ranges list to a single cell range and modify the enclosing cell range accordingly.
        cellRanges - - list of CellRange objects
      • toString

        public String toString()
        Description copied from class: Record
        get a string representation of the record (for biffview/debugging)
        toString in class Record