Class Paragraph

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    public class Paragraph
    extends Range
    implements java.lang.Cloneable
    • Method Detail

      • isInTable

        public boolean isInTable()
      • isTableRowEnd

        public boolean isTableRowEnd()
        true, if table trailer paragraph (last in table row), false otherwise
      • getTableLevel

        public int getTableLevel()
      • isEmbeddedCellMark

        public boolean isEmbeddedCellMark()
        true, if the end of paragraph mark is really an end of cell mark for a nested table cell, false otherwise
      • getJustification

        public int getJustification()
      • setJustification

        public void setJustification​(byte jc)
      • keepOnPage

        public boolean keepOnPage()
      • setKeepOnPage

        public void setKeepOnPage​(boolean fKeep)
      • keepWithNext

        public boolean keepWithNext()
      • setKeepWithNext

        public void setKeepWithNext​(boolean fKeepFollow)
      • pageBreakBefore

        public boolean pageBreakBefore()
      • setPageBreakBefore

        public void setPageBreakBefore​(boolean fPageBreak)
      • isLineNotNumbered

        public boolean isLineNotNumbered()
      • setLineNotNumbered

        public void setLineNotNumbered​(boolean fNoLnn)
      • isSideBySide

        public boolean isSideBySide()
      • setSideBySide

        public void setSideBySide​(boolean fSideBySide)
      • isAutoHyphenated

        public boolean isAutoHyphenated()
      • setAutoHyphenated

        public void setAutoHyphenated​(boolean autoHyph)
      • isWidowControlled

        public boolean isWidowControlled()
      • setWidowControl

        public void setWidowControl​(boolean widowControl)
      • getIndentFromRight

        public int getIndentFromRight()
      • setIndentFromRight

        public void setIndentFromRight​(int dxaRight)
      • getIndentFromLeft

        public int getIndentFromLeft()
      • setIndentFromLeft

        public void setIndentFromLeft​(int dxaLeft)
      • getFirstLineIndent

        public int getFirstLineIndent()
      • setFirstLineIndent

        public void setFirstLineIndent​(int first)
      • getSpacingBefore

        public int getSpacingBefore()
      • setSpacingBefore

        public void setSpacingBefore​(int before)
      • getSpacingAfter

        public int getSpacingAfter()
      • setSpacingAfter

        public void setSpacingAfter​(int after)
      • isKinsoku

        public boolean isKinsoku()
      • setKinsoku

        public void setKinsoku​(boolean kinsoku)
      • isWordWrapped

        public boolean isWordWrapped()
      • setWordWrapped

        public void setWordWrapped​(boolean wrap)
      • getFontAlignment

        public int getFontAlignment()
      • setFontAlignment

        public void setFontAlignment​(int align)
      • isVertical

        public boolean isVertical()
      • setVertical

        public void setVertical​(boolean vertical)
      • isBackward

        public boolean isBackward()
      • setBackward

        public void setBackward​(boolean bward)
      • setTopBorder

        public void setTopBorder​(BorderCode top)
      • getLeftBorder

        public BorderCode getLeftBorder()
      • setLeftBorder

        public void setLeftBorder​(BorderCode left)
      • getBottomBorder

        public BorderCode getBottomBorder()
      • setBottomBorder

        public void setBottomBorder​(BorderCode bottom)
      • getRightBorder

        public BorderCode getRightBorder()
      • setRightBorder

        public void setRightBorder​(BorderCode right)
      • setBarBorder

        public void setBarBorder​(BorderCode bar)
      • getIlfo

        public int getIlfo()
        Returns the ilfo, an index to the document's hpllfo, which describes the automatic number formatting of the paragraph. A value of zero means it isn't numbered.
      • getIlvl

        public int getIlvl()
        Returns the multi-level indent for the paragraph. Will be zero for non-list paragraphs, and the first level of any list. Subsequent levels in hold values 1-8.
      • getLvl

        public int getLvl()
        Returns the heading level (1-8), or 9 if the paragraph isn't in a heading style.
      • getTabStopsNumber

        public int getTabStopsNumber()
        Returns number of tabs stops defined for paragraph. Must be >= 0 and <= 64.
        number of tabs stops defined for paragraph. Must be >= 0 and <= 64
      • getTabStopsPositions

        public int[] getTabStopsPositions()
        Returns array of positions of itbdMac tab stops
        array of positions of itbdMac tab stops
      • isInList

        public boolean isInList()
      • cloneProperties

        public ParagraphProperties cloneProperties()
        Clone the ParagraphProperties object associated with this Paragraph, so that you can apply the same properties to another Paragraph.
      • clone

        public java.lang.Object clone()
                               throws java.lang.CloneNotSupportedException
      • toString

        public java.lang.String toString()
        toString in class Range