Class EncryptionInfo

    • Field Detail

      • flagCryptoAPI

        public static final BitField flagCryptoAPI
        A flag that specifies whether CryptoAPI RC4 or ECMA-376 encryption ECMA-376 is used. It MUST be 1 unless flagExternal is 1. If flagExternal is 1, it MUST be 0.
      • flagDocProps

        public static final BitField flagDocProps
        A value that MUST be 0 if document properties are encrypted. The encryption of document properties is specified in section
      • flagExternal

        public static final BitField flagExternal
        A value that MUST be 1 if extensible encryption is used. If this value is 1, the value of every other field in this structure MUST be 0.
      • flagAES

        public static final BitField flagAES
        A value that MUST be 1 if the protected content is an ECMA-376 document ECMA-376. If the fAES bit is 1, the fCryptoAPI bit MUST also be 1.
    • Method Detail

      • getVersionMajor

        public int getVersionMajor()
      • getVersionMinor

        public int getVersionMinor()
      • getEncryptionFlags

        public int getEncryptionFlags()
      • getDecryptor

        public Decryptor getDecryptor()
      • getEncryptor

        public Encryptor getEncryptor()
      • setDecryptor

        public void setDecryptor​(Decryptor decryptor)
      • setEncryptor

        public void setEncryptor​(Encryptor encryptor)
      • isDocPropsEncrypted

        public boolean isDocPropsEncrypted()
        true, if Document Summary / Summary are encrypted and stored in the EncryptedStream stream, otherwise the Summaries aren't encrypted and located in their usual streams