Class Formula

  • public class Formula
    extends java.lang.Object
    Encapsulates an encoded formula token array.
    • Method Detail

      • read

        public static Formula read​(int encodedTokenLen,
                                   LittleEndianInput in,
                                   int totalEncodedLen)
        When there are no array constants present, encodedTokenLen==totalEncodedLen
        encodedTokenLen - number of bytes in the stream taken by the plain formula tokens
        totalEncodedLen - the total number of bytes in the formula (includes trailing encoding for array constants, but does not include 2 bytes for initial ushort encodedTokenLen field.
        A new formula object as read from the stream. Possibly empty, never null.
      • getTokens

        public Ptg[] getTokens()
      • serialize

        public void serialize​(LittleEndianOutput out)
        Writes The formula encoding is includes:
        • ushort tokenDataLen
        • tokenData
        • arrayConstantData (if present)
      • serializeArrayConstantData

        public void serializeArrayConstantData​(LittleEndianOutput out)
      • getEncodedSize

        public int getEncodedSize()
        total formula encoding length. The formula encoding includes:
        • ushort tokenDataLen
        • tokenData
        • arrayConstantData (optional)
        Note - this value is different to tokenDataLength
      • getEncodedTokenSize

        public int getEncodedTokenSize()
        This method is often used when the formula length does not appear immediately before the encoded token data.
        the encoded length of the plain formula tokens. This does not include the leading ushort field, nor any trailing array constant data.
      • create

        public static Formula create​(Ptg[] ptgs)
        Creates a Formula object from a supplied Ptg array. Handles nulls OK.
        ptgs - may be null
        Never null (Possibly empty if the supplied ptgs is null)
      • getTokens

        public static Ptg[] getTokens​(Formula formula)
        Gets the Ptg array from the supplied Formula. Handles nulls OK.
        formula - may be null
        possibly null (if the supplied formula is null)
      • getExpReference

        public CellReference getExpReference()
        Gets the locator for the corresponding SharedFormulaRecord, ArrayRecord or TableRecord if this formula belongs to such a grouping. The CellReference returned by this method will match the top left corner of the range of that grouping. The return value is usually not the same as the location of the cell containing this formula.
        the firstRow & firstColumn of an array formula or shared formula that this formula belongs to. null if this formula is not part of an array or shared formula.
      • isSame

        public boolean isSame​(Formula other)