Interface PostOperation

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    AbstractPostOperation, AbstractSlingPostOperation, CommentingOperationHandler

    public interface PostOperation
    The PostOperation interface defines the service API to be implemented by service providers extending the Sling POST servlet. Service providers may register OSGi services of this type to be used by the Sling default POST servlet to handle specific operations.

    The PostOperation service must be registered with a PROP_OPERATION_NAME registration property giving the name(s) of the operations supported by the service. The names will be used to find the actual operation from the :operation request parameter.

    The Sling POST servlet itself provides various operations (see the OPERATION_ constants in the SlingPostConstants interface.These names should not be used by SlingPostOperation service providers.

    This interface replaces the old SlingPostOperation service interface adding support for extensible responses by means of the PostResponse interface as well as operation postprocessing.

    Implementors of this interface are advised to extend the AbstractPostOperation class to benefit from various processings implemented by that abstract class.

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        static final String PROP_OPERATION_NAME
        The name of the service registration property indicating the name(s) of the operation provided by the operation implementation. The value of this service property must be a single String or an array or java.util.Collection of Strings. If multiple strings are defined, the service is registered for all operation names.
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      • run

        void run​(SlingHttpServletRequest request,
                 PostResponse response,
                 SlingPostProcessor[] processors)
        Executes the operation provided by this service implementation. This method is called by the Sling POST servlet.
        request - The SlingHttpServletRequest object providing the request input for the operation.
        response - The HtmlResponse into which the operation steps should be recorded.
        processors - The SlingPostProcessor services to be called after applying the operation. This may be null if there are none.
        PersistenceException - when the commit fails
        ResourceNotFoundException - May be thrown if the operation requires an existing request resource. If this exception is thrown the Sling POST servlet sends back a 404/NOT FOUND response to the client.
        SlingException - May be thrown if an error Occurs running the operation. - when a necessary precondition failed, and a retry without further changes doesn't make sense. - when a commit failed, but a retry could make the operation work successfully.