Interface JAnnotatedElement

    • Method Detail

      • getAnnotations

        JAnnotation[] getAnnotations()

        Returns the metadata JAnnotations that are associated with this abstraction. Returns an empty array if there are no annotations.

      • getAnnotation

        JAnnotation getAnnotation​(java.lang.Class proxyClass)

        Returns the JAnnotation which is being proxied by the given subclass of TypedAnnotationProxyBase, or null if no such annotation exists. If it does exist, the getProxy() method on the returned object is guaranteed to return be an instance of the proxyClass.

        java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - if the proxyClass parameter is null or not a subclass of TypedAnnotationProxyBase.
      • getAnnotationProxy

        java.lang.Object getAnnotationProxy​(java.lang.Class proxyClass)
      • getAnnotation

        JAnnotation getAnnotation​(java.lang.String tagnameProxynameOr175typename)

        Returns the annotation that represents the named 175 annotation or javadoc tag on this elements.

      • getAnnotationValue

        JAnnotationValue getAnnotationValue​(java.lang.String valueId)
        Shortcut method which returns a given annotation value. The 'valueId' should be a string of the format 'annotation-name@value-name'. The value-name may be ommitted; if it is, it defaults to JAnntoation.SINGLE_MEMBER_VALUE.
        valueId -
      • getComment

        JComment getComment()

        Returns the comment associated with this abstraction. Returns null if it has no comment.

      • getAllJavadocTags

        JAnnotation[] getAllJavadocTags()