Interface JMember

    • Method Detail

      • getContainingClass

        JClass getContainingClass()

        Returns a representation of the class which contains this member. Note that if this member is an inner class, this method returns the class in which this class is declared (i.e. 'outer'). If this member is a top-level class, this method will always return null.

      • getModifiers

        int getModifiers()

        Returns the modifiers specifier. This is a bit field exactly like those returned by java.lang.Class.getModifiers() and can be manipulated using java.lang.reflect.Modifier in the same way.

      • isPackagePrivate

        boolean isPackagePrivate()
        Return true if this member is package private (i.e. the default access protection level).
      • isPrivate

        boolean isPrivate()
        Return true if this member is private. Equivalent to calling Modifier.isPrivate(member.getModifiers()).
      • isProtected

        boolean isProtected()
        Return true if this member is protected. Equivalent to calling Modifier.isProtected(member.getModifiers()).
      • isPublic

        boolean isPublic()
        Return true if this member is public. Equivalent to calling Modifier.isProtected(member.getModifiers()).