Interface JField

    • Method Detail

      • getType

        JClass getType()
        Returns the type of this field.
      • isFinal

        boolean isFinal()
        Return true if this field is final.
      • isStatic

        boolean isStatic()
        Return true if this field is static.
      • isVolatile

        boolean isVolatile()
        Return true if this field is volatile.
      • isTransient

        boolean isTransient()
        Return true if this field is transient.
      • getQualifiedName

        java.lang.String getQualifiedName()

        Returns a qualied name for this method as specified by java.lang.reflect.Field.toString():

        Returns a string describing this Field. The format is the access modifiers for the field, if any, followed by the field type, followed by a space, followed by the fully-qualified name of the class declaring the field, followed by a period, followed by the name of the field. For example:

        public static final int java.lang.Thread.MIN_PRIORITY

        private int

        The modifiers are placed in canonical order as specified by "The Java Language Specification". This is public, protected or private first, and then other modifiers in the following order: static, final, transient, volatile.

        Specified by:
        getQualifiedName in interface JElement