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Package javax.jcr

Added Classes and Interfaces
Binary A Binary object holds a JCR property value of type BINARY.
GuestCredentials GuestCredentials implements the Credentials interface and is used to obtain a "guest", "public" or "anonymous" session.
InvalidLifecycleTransitionException Exception thrown by Lifecycle management-related methods.
RepositoryFactory RepositoryFactory is a factory for Repository objects.

Changed Classes and Interfaces
AccessDeniedException Exception thrown by access-related methods.
Item The Item is the base interface of Node and Property.
NamespaceRegistry Each repository has a single, persistent namespace registry represented by the NamespaceRegistry object, accessed via Workspace.getNamespaceRegistry.
Node The Node interface represents a node in a workspace.
Property A Property object represents the smallest granularity of content storage.
PropertyType The property types supported by the JCR standard.
Repository The entry point into the content repository.
RepositoryException Main exception thrown by classes in this package.
Session The Session object provides read and (in level 2) write access to the content of a particular workspace in the repository.
Value A generic holder for the value of a property.
ValueFactory The ValueFactory object provides methods for the creation Value objects that can then be used to set properties.
Workspace A Workspace object represents a view onto a persitent workspace within a repository.