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Packages that use UnsupportedRepositoryOperationException
javax.jcr Provides interfaces and classes for the Content Repository for Java Technology. 
javax.jcr.query Provides interfaces and classes for content repository searching functionality. 
javax.jcr.version Provides interfaces and classes for content repository versioning functionality. 

Uses of UnsupportedRepositoryOperationException in javax.jcr

Methods in javax.jcr that throw UnsupportedRepositoryOperationException
 void Workspace.restore(Version[] versions, boolean removeExisting)
          Restores a set of versions at once.
 ObservationManager Workspace.getObservationManager()
          If the the implementation supports observation this method returns the ObservationManager object; otherwise it throws an UnsupportedRepositoryOperationException.
 ValueFactory Session.getValueFactory()
          This method returns a ValueFactory that is used to create Value objects for use when setting repository properties.
 void Node.orderBefore(java.lang.String srcChildRelPath, java.lang.String destChildRelPath)
          If this node supports child node ordering, this method inserts the child node at srcChildRelPath before its sibling, the child node at destChildRelPath, in the child node list.
 java.lang.String Node.getUUID()
          Returns the UUID of this node as recorded in this node's jcr:uuid property.
 Version Node.checkin()
          Creates a new version with a system generated version name and returns that version (which will be the new base version of this node).
 void Node.checkout()
          Sets this versionable node to checked-out status by setting its jcr:isCheckedOut property to true and adds to the jcr:predecessors (multi-value) property a reference to the current base version (the same value as held in jcr:baseVersion).
 void Node.doneMerge(Version version)
          Completes the merge process with respect to this node and the specified version.
 void Node.cancelMerge(Version version)
          Cancels the merge process with respect to this node and specified version.
 void Node.restore(java.lang.String versionName, boolean removeExisting)
          Restores this node to the state defined by the version with the specified versionName.
 void Node.restore(Version version, boolean removeExisting)
          Restores this node to the state defined by the specified version.
 void Node.restore(Version version, java.lang.String relPath, boolean removeExisting)
          Restores the specified version to relPath, relative to this node.
 void Node.restoreByLabel(java.lang.String versionLabel, boolean removeExisting)
          Restores the version of this node with the specified version label.
 VersionHistory Node.getVersionHistory()
          Returns the VersionHistory object of this node.
 Version Node.getBaseVersion()
          Returns the current base version of this versionable node.
 Lock Node.lock(boolean isDeep, boolean isSessionScoped)
          Places a lock on this node.
 Lock Node.getLock()
          Returns the Lock object that applies to this node.
 void Node.unlock()
          Removes the lock on this node.
 void NamespaceRegistry.registerNamespace(java.lang.String prefix, java.lang.String uri)
          Sets a one-to-one mapping between prefix and URI in the global namespace registry of this repository.
 void NamespaceRegistry.unregisterNamespace(java.lang.String prefix)
          Removes a namespace mapping from the registry.

Uses of UnsupportedRepositoryOperationException in javax.jcr.query

Methods in javax.jcr.query that throw UnsupportedRepositoryOperationException
 Node Query.storeAsNode(java.lang.String absPath)
          Creates a node representing this Query in content.

Uses of UnsupportedRepositoryOperationException in javax.jcr.version

Methods in javax.jcr.version that throw UnsupportedRepositoryOperationException
 void VersionHistory.removeVersion(java.lang.String versionName)
          Removes the named version from this version history and automatically repairs the version graph.

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