Package javax.jcr

Provides interfaces and classes for the Content Repository for Java Technology.


Interface Summary
Credentials Interface for all credentials that may be passed to the Repository.login(Credentials credentials, String workspaceName) method.
ImportUUIDBehavior The possible actions specified by the uuidBehavior parameter in Workspace.importXML(java.lang.String,, int), Session.importXML(java.lang.String,, int), Workspace.getImportContentHandler(java.lang.String, int) and Session.getImportContentHandler(java.lang.String, int).
Item The Item is the base interface of Node and Property.
ItemVisitor This interface defines two signatures of the visit method; one taking a Node, the other a Property.
NamespaceRegistry NamespaceRegistry represents the global persistent namespace registry of the JCR Repository.
Node The Node interface represents a node in the hierarchy that makes up the repository.
NodeIterator Allows easy iteration through a list of Nodes with nextNode as well as a skip method inherited from RangeIterator.
Property A Property object represents the smallest granularity of content storage.
PropertyIterator Allows easy iteration through a list of Propertys with nextProperty as well as a skip method.
RangeIterator Extends Iterator with the skip, getSize and getPosition methods.
Repository The entry point into the content repository.
Session The Session object provides read and (in level 2) write access to the content of a particular workspace in the repository.
Value A generic holder for the value of a property.
ValueFactory The ValueFactory object provides methods for the creation Value objects that can then be used to set properties.
Workspace The Workspace object represents a "view" of an actual repository workspace entity as seen through the authorization settings of its associated Session.

Class Summary
PropertyType The property types supported by the JCR standard.
SimpleCredentials SimpleCredentials implements the Credentials interface and represents simple user ID/password credentials.

Exception Summary
AccessDeniedException Exception thrown by access-related methods.
InvalidItemStateException Exception thrown by the write methods of Node and Property and by save and refresh if an attempted change would conflict with a change to the persistent workspace made through another Session.
InvalidSerializedDataException Exception thrown by the deserialization methods of Session if the serialized data being input has an invalid format.
ItemExistsException An exception thrown when an attempt is made to place an item in a position where another item already exists.
ItemNotFoundException Exception thrown by methods of Item, Node and Workspace when an item is not found.
LoginException Exception thrown by Repository.login(Credentials, String) and Session.impersonate(Credentials) if the specified credentials are invalid.
MergeException Exception thrown by Node.merge(String srcWorkspace, boolean isDeep).
NamespaceException Exception thrown by Session.setNamespacePrefix(String prefix, String uri) if the specified uri is not registered in the NamespaceRegistry
NoSuchWorkspaceException Exception thrown by Repository.login(Credentials, String) when a specific workspace is not found.
PathNotFoundException Exception thrown when no Item exists at the specified path or when the specified path implies intermediary Nodes that do not exist.
ReferentialIntegrityException Exception thrown on referential integrity violation.
RepositoryException Main exception thrown by classes in this package.
UnsupportedRepositoryOperationException Thrown by methods that are not supported by a particluar implementation
ValueFormatException Exception thrown when an attempt is made to assign a value to a property that has an invalid format, given the type of the property.

Package javax.jcr Description

Provides interfaces and classes for the Content Repository for Java Technology.

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