Class HSLFSlide

    • Constructor Detail

      • HSLFSlide

        public HSLFSlide​(Slide slide,
                         HSLFNotes notes,
                         SlideListWithText.SlideAtomsSet atomSet,
                         int slideIdentifier,
                         int slideNumber)
        Constructs a Slide from the Slide record, and the SlideAtomsSet containing the text. Initializes TextRuns, to provide easier access to the text
        slide - the Slide record we're based on
        notes - the Notes sheet attached to us
        atomSet - the SlideAtomsSet to get the text from
      • HSLFSlide

        public HSLFSlide​(int sheetNumber,
                         int sheetRefId,
                         int slideNumber)
        Create a new Slide instance
        sheetNumber - The internal number of the sheet, as used by PersistPtrHolder
        slideNumber - The user facing number of the sheet
    • Method Detail

      • onCreate

        public void onCreate()
        Called by SlideShow ater a new slide is created.

        For Slide we need to do the following:

      • set id of the drawing group.
      • set shapeId for the container descriptor and background

onCreate in class HSLFSheet