Interface Sheet<S extends Shape<S,​P>,​P extends TextParagraph<S,​P,​? extends TextRun>>

    • Method Detail

      • getFollowMasterGraphics

        boolean getFollowMasterGraphics()
        whether shapes on the master sheet should be shown. By default master graphics is turned off. Sheets that support the notion of master (slide, slideLayout) should override it and check this setting in the sheet XML
      • draw

        void draw​(java.awt.Graphics2D graphics)
        Convenience method to draw a sheet to a graphics context
        graphics -
      • getPlaceholderDetails

        PlaceholderDetails getPlaceholderDetails​(Placeholder placeholder)
        Get the placeholder details for the given placeholder type. Not all placeholders are also shapes - this is especially true for old HSLF slideshows, which notes have header/footers elements which aren't shapes.
        placeholder - the placeholder type
        the placeholder details or null, if the placeholder isn't contained in the sheet
        POI 4.0.0