Interface Shape

    • Method Detail

      • getShapeName

        java.lang.String getShapeName()
        the name of this shape
      • getParent

        Shape getParent()
        the parent shape.
      • getAnchor

        ChildAnchor getAnchor()
        the anchor that is used by this shape.
      • isNoFill

        boolean isNoFill()
        Whether this shape is not filled with a color
        true if this shape is not filled with a color.
      • setNoFill

        void setNoFill​(boolean noFill)
        Sets whether this shape is filled or transparent.
        noFill - if true then no fill will be applied to the shape element.
      • setFillColor

        void setFillColor​(int red,
                          int green,
                          int blue)
        Sets the color used to fill this shape using the solid fill pattern.
      • setLineStyleColor

        void setLineStyleColor​(int red,
                               int green,
                               int blue)
        The color applied to the lines of this shape.