Class XSLFSlideMaster

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    java.lang.Iterable<XSLFShape>, MasterSheet<XSLFShape,​XSLFTextParagraph>, ShapeContainer<XSLFShape,​XSLFTextParagraph>, Sheet<XSLFShape,​XSLFTextParagraph>, XSLFShapeContainer

    public class XSLFSlideMaster
    extends XSLFSheet
    implements MasterSheet<XSLFShape,​XSLFTextParagraph>
    Slide master object associated with this layout.

    Within a slide master slide are contained all elements that describe the objects and their corresponding formatting for within a presentation slide.

    Within a slide master slide are two main elements. The cSld element specifies the common slide elements such as shapes and their attached text bodies. Then the txStyles element specifies the formatting for the text within each of these shapes. The other properties within a slide master slide specify other properties for within a presentation slide such as color information, headers and footers, as well as timing and transition information for all corresponding presentation slides.