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javax.jcr Provides interfaces and classes for the Content Repository for Java Technology. 
javax.jcr.version Provides interfaces and classes for content repository versioning functionality. 

Uses of AccessDeniedException in javax.jcr

Methods in javax.jcr that throw AccessDeniedException
 void Workspace.copy(java.lang.String srcAbsPath, java.lang.String destAbsPath)
          This method copies the node at srcAbsPath to the new location at destAbsPath.
 void Workspace.copy(java.lang.String srcWorkspace, java.lang.String srcAbsPath, java.lang.String destAbsPath)
          This method copies the subtree at srcAbsPath in srcWorkspace to destAbsPath in this workspace.
 void Workspace.clone(java.lang.String srcWorkspace, java.lang.String srcAbsPath, java.lang.String destAbsPath, boolean removeExisting)
          Clones the subtree at the node srcAbsPath in srcWorkspace to the new location at destAbsPath in this workspace.
 void Workspace.move(java.lang.String srcAbsPath, java.lang.String destAbsPath)
          Moves the node at srcAbsPath (and its entire subtree) to the new location at destAbsPath.
 org.xml.sax.ContentHandler Workspace.getImportContentHandler(java.lang.String parentAbsPath, int uuidBehavior)
          Returns an org.xml.sax.ContentHandler which can be used to push SAX events into the repository.
 void Workspace.importXML(java.lang.String parentAbsPath, in, int uuidBehavior)
          Deserializes an XML document and adds the resulting item subtree as a child of the node at parentAbsPath.
          Validates all pending changes currently recorded in this Session.
 void Node.update(java.lang.String srcWorkspaceName)
          If this node does have a corresponding node in the workspace srcWorkspaceName, then this replaces this node and its subtree with a clone of the corresponding node and its subtree.
 NodeIterator Node.merge(java.lang.String srcWorkspace, boolean bestEffort)
          This method can be thought of as a version-sensitive update (see 7.1.7 Updating and Cloning Nodes across Workspaces in the specification).
 java.lang.String Node.getCorrespondingNodePath(java.lang.String workspaceName)
          Returns the absolute path of the node in the specified workspace that corresponds to this node.
 Lock Node.lock(boolean isDeep, boolean isSessionScoped)
          Places a lock on this node.
 Lock Node.getLock()
          Returns the Lock object that applies to this node.
 void Node.unlock()
          Removes the lock on this node.
 void NamespaceRegistry.registerNamespace(java.lang.String prefix, java.lang.String uri)
          Sets a one-to-one mapping between prefix and URI in the global namespace registry of this repository.
 void NamespaceRegistry.unregisterNamespace(java.lang.String prefix)
          Removes a namespace mapping from the registry.
 Item Item.getAncestor(int depth)
          Returns the ancestor of the specified depth.
 Node Item.getParent()
          Returns the parent of this Item.
          Validates all pending changes currently recorded in this Session that apply to this Item or any of its descendants (that is, the subtree rooted at this Item).

Uses of AccessDeniedException in javax.jcr.version

Methods in javax.jcr.version that throw AccessDeniedException
 void VersionHistory.removeVersion(java.lang.String versionName)
          Removes the named version from this version history and automatically repairs the version graph.

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