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Packages that use ItemNotFoundException
javax.jcr Provides interfaces and classes for the Content Repository for Java Technology. 
javax.jcr.query Provides interfaces and classes for content repository searching functionality. 

Uses of ItemNotFoundException in javax.jcr

Methods in javax.jcr that throw ItemNotFoundException
 Node Session.getNodeByUUID(java.lang.String uuid)
          Returns the node specifed by the given UUID.
 void Node.orderBefore(java.lang.String srcChildRelPath, java.lang.String destChildRelPath)
          If this node supports child node ordering, this method inserts the child node at srcChildRelPath before its sibling, the child node at destChildRelPath, in the child node list.
 Item Node.getPrimaryItem()
          Returns the primary child item of this node.
 java.lang.String Node.getCorrespondingNodePath(java.lang.String workspaceName)
          Returns the absolute path of the node in the specified workspace that corresponds to this node.
 Item Item.getAncestor(int depth)
          Returns the ancestor of the specified depth.
 Node Item.getParent()
          Returns the parent of this Item.

Uses of ItemNotFoundException in javax.jcr.query

Methods in javax.jcr.query that throw ItemNotFoundException
 Value Row.getValue(java.lang.String propertyName)
          Returns the value of the indicated property in this Row.
 java.lang.String Query.getStoredQueryPath()
          If this is a Query object that has been stored using Query.storeAsNode(java.lang.String) (regardless of whether it has been saved yet) or retrieved using QueryManager.getQuery(javax.jcr.Node)), then this method returns the path of the nt:query node that stores the query.

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