Accelerate Creativity with the Creative Cloud Libraries API

Connect your application to Creative Cloud Libraries and expand the reach of your user’s creative system. Let users save and access design elements including colors, character styles, logos, and images within your application or within Creative Cloud mobile and desktop apps.

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Get started with the Creative Cloud Libraries API

Check out the documentation and quickly start bringing the power of the Creative Cloud into your application.

Quick Starts

Make your first API call in curl or Node.js.

API Docs

Get all the details in the API reference documentation.

Discover Elements

Learn how you can use Library elements.

Connect with our community

Ask questions, offer help, and inspire each other with what you create.

See the Libraries API in action

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Libraries in CameraIQ

CameraIQ is using Creative Cloud Libraries to help creatives and marketers build augmented reality experiences.

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Libraries in Mural

Mural tapped into Creative Cloud Libraries to make sure their customers could easily share their most important assets for visual collaboration.

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Libraries in Google

In Google Workspace, users can access colors, graphics, and character styles from Creative Cloud Libraries for on brand documents and presentations.

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