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Adobe Cloud Manager

Cloud Manager enables organizations to self-manage Adobe Experience Manager environments in the cloud -- both Adobe Managed Services and Adobe Experience Manager Cloud Service.


Cloud Manager includes a full-featured web user interface at https://my.cloudmanager.adobe.com/. The Cloud Manager API enables Cloud Manager customers to interact with many of the same underlying capabilities exposed through the web UI in a fully programmatic fashion. This allows for integration of the Cloud Manager Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery pipeline with other systems.

General information on Cloud Manager can be found in the Product Documentation in the Resources section.

The links in this documentation will guide you through getting started with the Cloud Manager API. There is also a complete API Reference which describes all of the individual endpoints and requests which are available for usage.



Creating an API Integration Project

Learn how to create an API Integration Project

Creating an Event Integration Project

Learn how to create an Event Integration Project to receive webhooks when your pipelines execute.


See which permissions are required for using the API.

Detailed API Information#

Complete API Reference

See the full API Reference.

Event Definitions

See the definitions of events sent from Cloud Manager.

API Playground

Make API calls from your browser.



Walk through a step-by-step tutorial

CLI and SDKs#

CLI and SDKs

Learn about the Cloud Manager CLI and the available SDKs for easy project integration.


We encourage you to participate in our open documentation initiative, if you have suggestions, corrections, additions or deletions for this documentation, check out the source from this github repo, create issues, and submit pull requests with your contribution.

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