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OAuth 2.0 Scopes

OAuth scopes govern the access and privileges an Adobe user will grant authorization to a third-party application for. As an application developer, you will choose the set of scopes that a user will encounter in an authorization approval screen by specifying the scopes as part of the OAuth authorization request.

Identity scopes#

ScopeConsent descriptionDetails
openidCan access user account and read a unique identifierMandatory scope to enable authorization flows.
emailCan read user email addressReturns email and email_verified claims.
addressCan read user postal addressReturns address claim. Currently this contains only the country code.
profileCan read basic user profile, including information like nameReturns name, family_name, given_name, account_type claims.
offline_accessThe app can access the data user has given permission to, even when user is not using the appAllows the return of a refresh token.

Creative Cloud#

Scopes for Creative Cloud OAuth based APIs

Adobe Stockopenid
Creative SDKopenid,creative_sdk

Experience Cloud#

Scopes for Experience Cloud OAuth based APIs

Adobe Analyticsopenid, AdobeID, read_organizations, additional_info.projectedProductContext, additional_info.job_function
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