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Adobe I/O Events offer you a powerful way to integrate your application with Adobe services and solutions. Starting with Creative Cloud Assets, Adobe Experience Manager, and Adobe Analytics Triggers, we are adding events across our entire range of technologies.

Reactive and event-driven applications#

Adobe I/O Events enables building reactive, event-driven applications, based on events originating from various Adobe services, such as Creative Cloud, Adobe Experience Manager, and Analytics Triggers.

Events are triggered by an Event Provider, like Adobe Creative Cloud Assets, whenever a certain real-world action occurs, such as creating a new asset.

To start listening for events, register you application, specifying which Event Types from which Event Providers it wants to receive. Whenever a matching event gets triggered, your application is notified.


  • For Creative Cloud Events: you would need an active Adobe ID.
  • For Experience Cloud Events: you would need to have entitlements for Adobe services in Experience Cloud in your organization, and administrative permission for your org to create integrations.
  • For Experience Platform Events: same as above, you will require the appropriate permissions and access to Experience Platform from your organization.

Getting Started#

Going Further#

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