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Getting started with Photoshop API

The first step in accessing the Photoshop APIs is getting authenticated. For that you will need an Authorization Token and an API Key. With the steps below, we'll show you how to gain access and make your first hello world call.

Get access#

Here are the steps to get started with the Photoshop APIs.

  1. If you haven't signed up and generated credentials, please follow this link and follow the steps on the confirmation modal: https://www.adobe.com/go/photoshopapi_signup.

  2. If you have already signed up and need a new key, go to https://developer.adobe.com/console/home and sign in to the IO Console.

  3. Click on Create new project under the Quick start section on the middle of your screen: Screenshot

  4. Click on Add API: Screenshot

  5. Select the Adobe Photoshop APIs (Trial) and click on Next: Screenshot

  6. Select OPTION1 Generate a key pair and click Generate keypair: Screenshot You should see a zip file named config.zip in your Downloads folder.

  7. Open the contents of the zip and locate the file name private.key.

  8. Open the file named private.key in a text editor like Atom or Sublime.

  9. Copy the entire contents of the file and paste it in your project page in the section labeled Generate access token and click on Generate Token on the bottom right hand corner: Screenshot

  10. Congrats! You have just created a JWT token. You can copy the token from Access Token: Screenshot

Please note that token expires every 24 hours and you will have to generate a new one after it expires. See Automating your JWT token for information on how to automate this process for your application.

You’ll automatically get an API key when you create your project in Adobe I/O Console. Copy API KEY (CLIENT ID) from Project Overview page.

Hello World#

Once you have created your token you can follow the steps below to make your first API call.

  1. Open your terminal and paste the code below. Make sure to replace the variables "YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN" with the token you generated on adobe io console.
  2. You are also going to need your API KEY (CLIENT ID) which can be found in your adobe io console.You will need to pass in your API key in the x-api-key field.
  3. Once all variables have been replaced you can run the command.
Copied to your clipboard
1curl --request GET \
2 --url https://image.adobe.io/pie/psdService/hello \
3 --header "Authorization: Bearer <YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN>" \
4 --header "x-api-key: <YOUR_CLIENT_ID>"

If you are using Windows machine don't use the backslash for the curl commands. e.g

Copied to your clipboard
curl --request GET --url https://image.adobe.io/pie/psdService/hello --header "Authorization: Bearer <YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN>" --header "x-api-key: <YOUR_CLIENT_ID>"

Congrats! You just made your first request to the Photoshop API.

NOTE: Your token will expire every 24 hours and will need to be refreshed after it expires.

Automating your JWT token##

Check out these modules for a quick path to automating your token retrieval:

Additional Service Token and JWT Information#

You can find details on interacting with Adobe IMS API’s and authentication in general

  1. General Authentication Information
  2. JWT/Service Token Authentication
  3. IMS API’s
  4. JWT Sample Code
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