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Customize and automate Animate

Adobe Animate offers a JavaScript API (JSAPI) to script actions in the Animate UI, and the Custom Platform Support Development Kit (CPSDK) to extend the power of Animate to new platforms. Provide custom tools to supercharge your creative process, automate workflows, and more. Build scripts and plug-ins and package them for distribution as extensions. Discover the potential for enhancing and extending the capabilities of Adobe Animate.

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Extend Animate to new platforms

Custom Platform Support can be added to Animate by implementing a plugin using a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that are provided as part of the Custom Platform Support Development Kit. The Custom Platform Support Development Kit includes a set of header files, sample plugins, and project files that can be used to build a plugin for Animate.

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Automate animation processes and create powerful animation tools

The JavaScript API exposes Animate to your control. Create custom animation tools, animation data management, implement complex motion controls, organize animation assets, control output settings, automate export to multiple formats and more.

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Work with multiple output formats

Build automations that export Animate projects to HTML5 Canvas, WebGL, SVG, Flash, and more.

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Use JavaScript, C++, or both

Write scripts in JavaScript to automate Animate functions or add capabilities. Create C++ libraries that you can call from your JavaScript scripts.

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Export to Unity

Import animations orchestrated in Animate to Unity using the new Texture Atlas export.

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