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The Creative Cloud Developer Platform is a collection of APIs and SDKs that let you extend and integrate with Creative Cloud apps and services, which are used by millions of people around the world. From automating workflows to integrating your software with Creative Cloud, our developer platform has the tools you need to power creativity.

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Blurb for Photoshop, Arranger for Adobe XD

Extend Adobe Creative Cloud apps

Creative Cloud desktop apps offer APIs and SDKs that let you take them to new heights. Automate workflows, build new features, and connect Creative Cloud to other software and services. Write plugins or scripts, with or without UI, that tailor our industry-leading creative apps to individuals’ unique creative needs. Browse the full list.

Camera IQ integrates the Creative Cloud Libraries API

Integrate Creative Cloud Libraries

Creative Cloud Libraries are the foundation of creative systems, powering asset re-use across teams and documents. With the Libraries API, you can seamlessly connect your application with Creative Cloud by giving your users and their teams direct access to all their creative elements stored in Libraries.

Creative Cloud Desktop Marketplace

Distribute to millions of users worldwide

Publish your plugins and integrations directly to the Marketplace in the Creative Cloud Desktop app for users to easily discover, install, and manage—and to the Enterprise Admin Console for admins to easily find, deploy, and give access to plugins and integrations intended for business use.

The Adobe Fund for Design

Equity investments and grants to developers who want to push boundaries and help shape the future of creativity.

Adobe Fund for Design 1

The Adobe Fund for Design

Apply for a grant or investment

Adobe Fund for Design 2

Commissioned projects

Apply to build a commissioned project

Adobe Fund for Design 3

One Year of the Adobe Fund for Design

See how we're supporting innovators

The Creative Cloud Developer Community

Multiple focuses. Many identities. A singular mission to empower creativity.

Creative Cloud Dev Days

Multiple focuses

Creative Cloud developers can build plugins and scripts for a single Creative Cloud app, or multiple apps at once. Or they can integrate services from Adobe into their own products. Some developers do all of these things!

Creative Cloud developer workshop

Many identities

Creative Cloud developers may identify as developer, scripter, entrepreneur, business owner, and yes: creative or artist. Some have worked with Adobe APIs for many years; others are learning their first JavaScript today.

Creative Cloud Partner Day live stream

A singular mission

No matter why or how they got here, Creative Cloud developers are on a mission to inspire and empower creatives to get more done in less time, collaborate in new ways, and push the boundaries of creativity.

Connect with our community

We're rolling out a new set of forums for developers. We have categories for a selection of APIs to start, with support for more on the way.












Extensible Creative Cloud products and services

Many Creative Cloud apps and services are extensible through APIs, SDKs, and Events. Choose your favorite to get started.

Creative Cloud Libraries
The Libraries API lets you connect your app to Creative Cloud and expand the reach of your users' creative systems. Enable more efficient workflows by providing users with access to their creative elements, right inside your app.
Adobe XD’s powerful API platform lets developers and users extend XD within the app, or in the cloud. Automate complex tasks, modify and generate document contents, integrate with external services, and more.
Give your users access to the perfect Adobe Stock asset to enhance their creative projects.
With Photoshop APIs and SDKs, build plugins and integrations that harness the power of the world's best image editing software to transform creative workflows.
Lightroom Services
Streamline photography workflows for customers with content in Lightroom, through RESTful APIs.
Lightroom Classic
Create effects, define presets and brushes, manipulate metadata, and much more in Lightroom.
Give your InDesign users the power to streamline their editorial and publishing workflows.
Give users enhanced power over their vector image projects with effects, automation, and more.
Premiere Pro
Automate complex tasks, communicate with external hardware, add support for new codecs, and more.
After Effects
Create stunning visual effects, manipulate project elements, and automate complex tasks in After Effects.
Automate complex file conversion processes, manipulate metadata in bulk, create custom workspaces and interfaces, and more.
Build Animate extensions that provide custom tools for creatives, automate workflows, and more.
Tune Adobe Audition to your specs by automating tasks, connecting to web services, and more.
Add powerful features for building web apps. Automate your cross-application workflows.
Adobe Fonts
The Adobe Fonts API gives you programmatic access to the Adobe Fonts service over a RESTful HTTP API.
Camera Raw
Adobe Camera Raw SDKs allows you to create DNG images, and distribute Presets and Profiles for use inside of ACR, Lightroom Classic, and Lightroom CC.

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