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CLI and SDKs

In addition to direct HTTP usage of the Cloud Manager API, there are open source tools and libraries built on top of the API which can be used in integration projects. In addition to being directly usable, they are also good examples of how to use the API. More detailed information can be found on each respective project's website.

Note that many of these require that an API Integration Project to be created in the Adobe Developer Console before use.

Command Line Interface#

The Cloud Manager CLI is a plugin for the general-purpose Adobe I/O CLI (referred to as aio). The CLI can be used in both direct usage and within shell scripts.

Example Usage#

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$ aio cloudmanager:list-programs

Node.js SDK#

The Cloud Manager Node.js SDK is used inside the Command Line Interface, but is also independently usable for other Node.js applications, e.g. in Adobe App Builder or Electron applications.

Example Usage#

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1const client = await sdk.init('orgId', 'x-api-key', 'valid auth token')
2const programs = await client.listPrograms()

Java SDK#

The Cloud Manager Java SDK provides a Java interface on top of the Cloud Manager API and enables integration in JVM-based applications.

Example Usage#

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1CloudManagerApi api = new CloudManagerApiImpl("orgId", "x-api-key", "valid auth token");
2List<EmbeddedProgram> client.listPrograms();

GitHub Actions#

The Node.js SDK is wrapped into a GitHub Action for cases when it is appropriate to create a pipeline execution as a step in a GitHub Action-based workflow.

Example Usage#

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1- name: Create Execution
2 uses: adobe/aio-cloudmanager-create-execution-action@v1.0.5
3 with:
4 CLIENTID: ${{ secrets.CM_CLIENT_ID }}
7 IMSORGID: ${{ secrets.CM_ORG_ID }}
8 KEY: ${{ secrets.CM_PRIVATE_KEY }}
10 PROGRAMID: ${{ secrets.CM_PROGRAM_ID }}
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