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Build a better document solution

Use InDesign’s suite of Plug-in, Scripting and Server SDKs, to fully extend and automate InDesign, InCopy, and InDesign Server. Distribute your plug-ins to everyone using Adobe Exchange.

With scripts leverage the power of InDesign to streamline editorial and publishing workflows of your users

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Automate document processing

Manage disparate text, image, and media assets and build and publish documents dynamically for print, web, and ebook distribution.

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Enhance and extend the InDesign UI

Build plug-ins, panels, and scripts that add custom features and functions: create effects, dynamic layouts, file import and export, and more.

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Leverage the power of InDesign Server

InDesign Server’s multithreaded SOAP engine lets you build complete document management and publishing solutions.

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Integrate with other apps

InDesign supports the Adobe Common Extensibility Platform (CEP), which lets you build scripts and panels that connect InDesign to other Adobe apps. Automate entire multi-app workflows.

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Import, export, and process documents in XML-compatible format

Use InDesign’s IDML, an XML-based format, to manipulate documents and their contents. Process files for import and export, or read and write content to databases.

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Automate and add features with scripting

Create anything from simple automations to complex, cross-platform-compatible feature panels in HTML and JavaScript. InDesign also supports AppleScript and VBScript.

Blog Posts

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Adobe InDesign Server Licensing Updates

Read about the recent changes to installation and management of InDesign Server licenses. Learn how you can get a Development version.

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Power from the People: InDesign Scripting

16 Free InDesign Scripts from the Scripting Community to Help Your Workflow, Updated for 2020

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