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Photoshop is extensible like never before

The creative world runs on Photoshop—and with Photoshop APIs and SDKs, developers can take it even further. Build plugins and integrations that harness the power of the world’s best image editing and graphic design software to transform creative workflows for users everywhere.

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APIs for any use case

Whether you want to build in-app plugins or compute-intense low-level tools; or if you want to integrate the power of Photoshop into your own app or service, there's something here for everyone.

UXP Plugin API

Build performant plugins with modern HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. UXP is the next generation of plugin APIs, for Photoshop 22 and beyond.

Photoshop API

Use Photoshop, Lightroom, and Sensei together to create web or server-based workflows to cut out images, reflow banner ads, and more.

CEP and ExtendScript

Build classic extensions with CEP using HTML, CSS, and JS. Automate in-app workflows with ExtendScript, based on ECMAScript 3.


Build powerful, low-level integrations using the C++ SDK. Create filters, provide support for additional image formats, create new selectors, and more.

A new generation of plugins with UXP

UXP—Adobe's quick, modern HTML, CSS, and JavaScript engine—is now available in Photoshop. See what developers are already doing with this new API.

Create your own UXP Plugin

Learn from quick starts, tutorials, sample code, and more. Everything you need to build a UXP plugin is here.

Connect with our community

Ask questions, offer help, and inspire each other with what you create.

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Pixel Squid

Use PixelSquid to easily add 3D objects to your design and spin to select your perfect angle in Photoshop.

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Arrange art objects as a circle, grid, wave, or honeycomb in XD, InDesign, Illustrator, and now in Photohsop.

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Easily send assets to your Trello board, without ever leaving Photoshop.

Photoshop Actions API now live in prerelease

Experience the power of Photoshop Actions in the cloud via our brand new API. This feature will allow you to automate imaging workflows by enabling playback of Photoshop Actions on one or many images via the cloud.

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