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UXP for Adobe Photoshop 2022

UXP is the modern way to create plugins for Adobe Creative Cloud - Automate workflows, add functionality, and connect to other software and services.


Welcome to the world of Adobe Photoshop and UXP (Unified Extensibility Platform). UXP is powered by a modern JavaScript engine, offers a curated selection of UI components and a more streamlined workflow for plugin developers.

Never has there been a better time to see the future of extending and enhancing Photoshop. Integrate with other connected services, automate and customize workflows, and add brand new features - then easily share them with other Photoshop users.

Get Started with Basics#

Photoshop Quickstart guide

Start building on UXP for Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop API Reference

Interact with Photoshop through UXP.

UXP API Reference

UI APIs, file and network I/O and more.


UXP Developer Tool

The UXP Developer Tool helps you create, debug, and distribute plugins. It's an essential part of any UXP plugin workflow.

Plugin samples

Explore code samples to make immediate progress on your own Photoshop plugin.

Legacy Extensiblity

Do you have experience with Photoshop plugin solutions? Learn more here.

Designing plugins for Photoshop

Learn key design principles for UXP plugins in Photoshop.


Packaging Your Plugin

Packaging your UXP plugin is a breeze. In many cases, it's just one click away.

Submission and Review

Learn about the review process and associated timelines for Creative Cloud plugins and integrations, and follow our review submission checklist.

Marketing Your Plugin

Submitting your plugin is only half the battle. Now you have to tell people about it. Read this for some ideas on how to best market your plugin.

Join the community#

Join the worldwide community of Creative Cloud Developers who are building plugins and integrations to empower creativity.

Here are a few ways to get involved:

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