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Getting Started with UXP for Photoshop

Hello World#

Building your first UXP plugin requires two pieces of software, both of which can be installed via Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop - the latest version of Photoshop, and the UXP Developer Tool.

To get started, we suggest following these tutorials to get your hands dirty and get started with building UXP plugins for Photoshop:

  1. Creating your first plugin
  2. Editing the document
  3. Writing a file with UXP

Important resources#

The Basics#

Must Reads#

  • UXP API reference: The UXP platform offers many, but not all capabilities of a web browser. Learn about what could be familiar, and what is different.
  • Modal Execution in Photoshop: A new paradigm for building performant and resilient plugins. If you are building plugins that modifies the users' document, this is an essential read.
  • Photoshop manifest: An addendum to manifest.json. For Adobe Photoshop 2022, you will need to be aware of potential breaking changes related to Modal Execution.


Plugin Samples#

We've collected a few samples that cover a lot of ground. They may contain code that you need to solve that one frustrating bug! Download and view Code Samples.

Design guides#

If your plugin contains a visual element, you may want to view our Design Guides to ensure your users have the best experience.

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